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Design Bookings

At VHS we work on projects that yield Next Year. If development of a project can not "give or take three months" it is not the right fit for our business.

VHS reviews submissions from any state / territory / region within PLAN-IT earth.
( Regardless of political dispositions affecting your business or the challenges faced within your local environments )

To submit a design booking with VHS

For new content design, send -

  1. Synopsis +
  2. Contact details

Produce / Advance existing content, send -

  1. Synopsis +
  2. Media files (CD/DVD) +
  3. Contact details

VHS will request additional information as required.

Contact: Peter Bishop

Email: me@peterbishop.me

Coffs Harbour, Australia

Postal address or file sharing links on enquiry

Please allow 30 days for VHS to respond to submissions received March 1 through to October 31. Outside of this timeframe VHS does not review new projects.

VHS will only produce work submitted from industry professionals whom have a proven track record, or those industries that we have previously done business with. VHS reserves the right not to produce a project. In this case your submission will be marked "returned" and your intellectual property will be returned to you without charge or additional feedback. VHS does not influence work of other providers.

VHS telecommunication systems (Telephone / Email / Internet file sharing etc) are open to client projects only.

- All information is treated a$ confidential -