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Internet Privacy & Safety



The entire purpose of the internet is to build links to quality website content!

If you do not feel safe viewing the content on my webpages then please use caution when clicking any of my links including those to other websites. Other peoples websites do not begin with www.peterbishop.me

To give you an example; the 8 foot left on my home page was shot with a Go-Pro Session 4. I had a damaged rib cage when I caught that wave ~

Therefore by choice I assume a level of risk in my (web) surfing!

For me getting that wave/shot was not optional. If you are a beginner at web (or surfing), please
follow my links with adequate advice or training.


I record your logs when you access my websites. Logs signify internet growth. In most cases this growth is welcome. Instances where I may “harvest” data from your logs includes reaching out for mutual improvements to our home page surrounds or using your logs for bridge building, reconstruction, or defence and internet weaponry. (where corrupt logging is identified and occurs)


I do not use Cookie on peterbishop.me

When required websites within my extended networks use Session Cookie only. This allows the Cookie Monster to eat your data when you close your internet browser, therefore maintaining your internet privacy and safety.


I do not rely on Analytics on petebishop.me

Websites created by me are Content & A-Where? I rely on realtime data metrics for web design. A website either works or it doesn't.

Age restrictions 13+

peterbishop.me must be accessed in the presence of a parent or guardian if viewed by a child under 13. In the case of explicit content I make a "rollover" (or click) warning available to the parent/teenager.


All content is current as of each page load. When revising my content simply load the page again.