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Syndicate was drawn on location at Look At Me Now headland (circa October 2015).

1. Prelude (Sonnenaufgang)

The outline you see was done in one sketch, less than 30 seconds, (no trace overs) from looking at Live (young) Roo as he twisted. The numbers where added to the sketch by observing the Jills (females) and Boomers (males), the parents, throughout their movements, and counting where they bounced (and stopped) in response to my presence. Syndicate faces left and looks right.

View the complete Syndicate A4 lead up work

On that day how did I do this?

I had $100 in the bank. I was supposed to pay my car CTP. I took the money out of the bank, put petrol in the car, bought sketch equipment, produced the work on location then took my car to the wreckers. I had been hit by a car a year earlier riding my bike and I could of died in that accident. I was (and I AM) sick and tired of seeing dead kangaroos or dead wildlife from ‘cars’. They were here first. My motivation was more important than the money I had to spend on a car at that time. I guess you could say the car industries bank accounts were emptied by ME as a stealth bank robber!

"Q. When is your bank account balanced? A. $0" - see bank P&L

Peter Bishop

A note on Syndication.

Syndication is not easy (there is multiple leaderships).

Syndication is exciting! Collect as many leaderships as you can handle and drop the ones that do not work. (Some leaderships just wont go away even if you try)


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