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Making the Virtual A Reality™

  • These turns are called "Round houses."
  • Always with Me, Always with You

    Signature credits


    The P&L signature is my own and was drawn countless times over 36 years.


    Video credits


    My board is a JR Cousin IT. She is not a bored room full of people looking at ridiculous pie charts. She has a name. She is not a number and I have never been with anything like her.


    I keep tide (and time) with Rip Curl Trestles. The 24hr clock is always the same - if you want a deeper connection get with the tide program.


    I capture my waves with a GoPro Session 4. I post my sessions online so that contributions towards my board life are fully tax deductible!


    I always support a charity. I have chosen the WWF. If humanity can learn to get over itself for a minute, we just might save all endangered species - humans included.


    In design -

    " Unless you are a fighter pilot you may as well be flying a cargo plane full of rubber dog ____ out of Hong Kong "

    - surfing is the source

    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆