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Work examples

Argosy Legal

Argosy Partners logo. Business founded 2007.

Brindley's Nurseries

Brindley's Nurseries logo. Business founded 2000.

The P&L signature is my own and was drawn countless times over 36 years.


It is no mistake it looks like a love PIL after my career drugs in design problem due to 7 years child abuse in Wollongong, Australia.


In 2013 I encountered a Profit & Loss divorce after my intellectual property was hijacked and illegally modified by my former father in law.

G D Pharma logo - Commercial Copyright Theft

In 2013 there was hacking on my design intel business (A USA service provider) that took my career work offline.


In 2014 I lost my entire career CD portfolio from my stolen “no number plates” unsecured car on my way to protest in Canberra for the DMCA to be enshrined into copyright law in Australia.


In 2016 the Adobe Illustrator final of the P&L signature was produced to restore my online works from scratch.


The P&L signature is part of “my brand” today. Likewise illicit drugs are not.



Peter Bishop

B. Design (Graphic), 2001